On  2010 at hotel complex Chistie Prudi the all-the-year-round ART residences PENZA program  for artists is opened.

Term of staying of every artist 1-2 months with the exhibition of realized art-works in ART Gallery ISS Penza.  

Arriving  for artists-participation of the program can be any time convenient for artists and coordination with organizers.

ART residences program  offers for artists:

Food  and accommodation in a hotel complex Chistie Prudi;

Studio for work;

Art materials and tools as agreed between the artist and organizers;

Exhibition space for an exhibition at ART Gallery ISS Penza;

Reflection of a course of work on a web a site www.symposiumsculpture.ru and in weights - media;

The certificate of participation in the ART Residences Penza  program;

Send , please,  applications for participation at ART residences program  to Yury Tkachenko, the director of sculpture  park  Legend and to  Valenitina Dusavitskaya,  director of ART Gallery ISS Penza and ART residences  Penza program  to  e-mail: symposiumsculpturepenza@gmail.com.

Phone: +7 905 363 3873.

We are ready to answer all questions interesting you about ART Residences Penza program.


From August, 19th till September, 16th 2010 sculptor Gilber Frizon participated in the program of art residences within the frame of a year of culture of Russia in France and France in Russia, France, Isere. During ART Residences Penza  program he has realised a marble monumental sculpture EXTENTION, this Art work  is installed at sculpture park Legend and also he did  two sculptures EXTENTION  II and the EXTENTION  III for interiors of a hotel complex Chistie Prudi.

Chain of gypermarkets “Vector”Chain of gypermarkets “Vector”
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