Rules and Conditions of the Symposium
1. Time and place
The 6th International Sculpture Symposium Autumn. Insparation. Penza 2012 will be held in Penza, Russia, from the 18 August  till the11 of Septembe 2013 at the hotel complex “Chistie Prudi”. 
 2. Symposium targets
·         Popularization of sculpture art;
·         Creation of new sculptures for the collection of sculpture park “Legend” and new paintings for hotel complex “Chistie Prudi” and Museum-Gallery ISS;
·         Introduction of the visitors to current sculpture art tendencies;
·         Consolidation of international contacts;
·         Sharing of art experience between sculptors  and painters from different countries;
·         Development of tourism in the region;
·         Realization of master classes and art-residencesprograms in the frameworks of the Symposium;
3. The topic of the Symposium
4. Materials
·         White Marble, sculptor have to choose 1 stone block from such blocks:
105х102х180 см;
50х50х195 см;
150х95х100 см;
85х55х100 см;
200х98х106 см;
153х100х135 см;
120х210х144 см;
170х120х110 см;
150х120х166 см;
175х140х197 см;
197х167х120 см;
150х120х163 см;
·         Rose Granite, sculptor have to choose 1 stone block for his sculpture proposal from such blocks:
186х204х110 см;
195х144х165 см;
157х180х200 см;
200х184х155 см;
·         Grey Granite, sculptor have to choose 1 stone block for his sculpture proposal from such blocks:
142х105х82 см;
100х100х100 см;
140х78х102 см;
187х100х75 см;
186х100х78 см;
100х75х130 см;
187х98х87 см;
80х100х140 см;
·         Metal sheets and profiles (steel, stainless steel);
Wood for interior sculptures, no more, than 2 artists;
·         Bronze, casting in a highly professional workshop according the models of sculptures made of plastiline during the Symposium;
·         Canvases, acrylic  paints for painters;
5. The Symposium provides the participants with
·         Accomodation and alimentation at the hotel “Chistie Prudi”;
·         Materials for the sculptures: stone (white marble or  rose granite or grey granite), metal (steel or stainless steel), plastiline for making a life-size model , casting in bronze after the end of the Symposium;
·         For sculptors, who working with marble, bronze (plastiline) and metal (steel and stainless steel) - money reward amounting to 2000 € (its equivalent in rubles) for completed sculptures at the end of the Symposium; For sculptors, who working with granite (only) - money reward amounting to 2500 € (its equivalent in rubles) for completed sculptures at the end of the Symposium; For painters 1000 € (its equivalent in rubles) for 15 completed painting art works 1m x1m by size at the end of the Symposium;
·         Transportation expenses coverage: for artists from counties of Europe – 200 €, for artists from countries of Asia and Africa – 300 €, for artists from countries of North and South America and The Far East – 500 €; for Artists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine transportation fee according those train tickets.
·         Working site commodities for sculptors: electricity, air compressor, crane, storage for working clothes and instruments, protection of sun or rain, big (230 mm) angle grinders;
·         For metal sculptors welding and cutting machines, grinders, another tools, working space;
·         The equipped studio for painters with painting materials: aclylic, canvases, brushes;
·         Bus transportation from Moscow airports to Penza 17 August and from Penza to Moscow airports 11 September;
·         Exhibition of smalle sculptures in Museum-Gallery ISS during the Symposium;
·         Symposium Catalogue;
·         Coverage of the most important events of the Symposium on at facebook links;
·         Coverage of the Symposium events by russian mass media ( television, radio, newspapers, magazines);
6. The participants are obliged
·         To accomplish the sculptureor paintings  in accordance with the selected project or sketches;
·         To provide a small sculptures for the exhibition at Museum-Gallery ISS;
·         To bring their own electric, air and hand tools as well as personal means of protection and professional disks for marble or granite;
·         To have individual insurance for the whole period of the Symposium;
·         To take part in the traditional painting competition;
·         To be present at the working place during the working time of symposium;
7. The procedure of  application and selecting the participants of the Symposium
The participants of the Symposium will be selected on the base of projects of the sculptures, painting sketches and documents.
All the necessary sketches and documents should be send at digital form ( totally not more than 5 mb)  to the symposium organizing committee e-mail: not later than the 1st of March  2013.
Applications more than 5 mg will not accepted. For the application and artists should send:
·         The filled and signed registration form;
·         CV;
·         Minimum 7 photos of previous works of monumental size in the selected materials for sculptors and 10 photos of previous artworks for painters ;
·         For sculptors: photos of models  of suggesting sculptures from 4 points of view  (we ask to present 2 projects from each artist); the description of the project (the title of the sculpture, material, size, explanation of the artistic idea);
·         For painters: color  sketches, drafts, artistic motives for the  painting works which you like to realize during symposium, the description of the artistic concepts;
·         The results of the selection will be given out at the web site of the symposium on the 20 of March 2013;
·         During the selection the preference of Symposium Jury  will be given to more figurative sketches and projects for sculpture;
8. Other conditions
·         Participant can use other materials for the sculpture but purchase them themselves;
·         Participant can be accompanied by someone, but they are to pay for his/her accommodation and alimentation;
·         The symposium does not cover other expenses of artists such as beverages, cell phone charges etc;
·         The organizers have rights for publish the artworks, created during Symposiums;
·         The sculptures created during the Symposium will installed at  the sculpture park “Legend”, interiors of hotel “Chistie Prudi” and Museum-Gallery ISS;
9. Organizers of the Symposium
·         The sculpture park “Legend”;
·         The hotel complex “Chistie Prudi”;
·         The holding company “Rosstroy”;
10. Contacts
Yury Tkachenko – sculptor, coordinator of the Symposium, art director of the sculpture park “Legend”,,;
 E-mail:, home telephone: +7 8412407905;
Valentina Dusavitskaya – sculptor, coordinator of the Symposium, art director of the Museum-Gallery ISS,,
E-mail:, cell phone: +79053653873, home telephone: +7 8412407905, address: 440071, 138- 104, Stroiteley ave, Penza, Russia

The hotel complex “Chistie Prudi”:, address:
442395, Ozdorovitelnaya  str, 2, Ramzay village, Mokshanskiy district, Penza region,
Russia. Tel.: +7 8412 78 0000; +7 8412390717
Website of Symposiums:
Name of artist:                                             
Date of birth:                      
Address of artist:     
Mobile/Cell phone:
Titles of proposal sculptures/paintings:
Materials of proposal sculptures:
Dimensions of sculptures:  
Me, underwritten, I oblige to realize my sculpture fully complying to my selected project during Symposium. Rules and Regulations of Symposium I have read and approved.
Date:                                                             Signature:
International sculpture symposium.
Autumn. Inspiration. Penza.